WordPress – tinyMCE is not defined error, a solution

After spending lots of time for this tinyMCE bug and trying many solutions i found out there, i finally got it working. It seems to be a problem with gzipping tinyMCE code and some servers hosting wordpress.

I solved my problem on this server by editing file : wp-includes\js\tinymce\tiny_mce_config.php , line 208 in wordpress 2.5.1

Just change:

 'compress' => true


'compress' => false

2 thoughts on “WordPress – tinyMCE is not defined error, a solution”

  1. on other blog this solution don’t work.
    I have disabled all plug in and after removed cache browser tinyMCE work. Than i have abilited one plug-in time and revoce cache and i have discovered that th problem on my blog i causated with :

    Post Thumb Revisited plug in

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