Firebolt 0.3v on the way

Ok. Firebolt is ready again for major changes. Next releaseΒ willΒ be 0.3v which will not be refactored dramatically again (lets hope). It has been a little unpleasant geting breaking changes with each new release.

EasySockets is the new feature as you already know. It is a simple mini socket api. It is asynchronous in receiving data. It is synchronous in sending. It also supports sending packets. So if you tryΒ to send a packet of 1K size then the other socket will receive an OnRead event with exactly 1K size of data. This is not quaranteed by the Tcp/ip protocol, since it is a stream protocol. If you send 1K data using tcp/ip it is not quaranteed that the receiver will get it all with one recv() and not in 3 or more portions of various sizes.

Thus after a lot of troubles Firebolt 0.3v will beΒ even more robust and reliable.

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