Firebolt 0.3v on the way

Ok. Firebolt is ready again for major changes. Next releaseΒ willΒ be 0.3v which will not be refactored dramatically again (lets hope). It has been a little unpleasant geting breaking changes with each new release.

EasySockets is the new feature as you already know. It is a simple mini socket api. It is asynchronous in receiving data. It is synchronous in sending. It also supports sending packets. So if you tryΒ to send a packet of 1K size then the other socket will receive an OnRead event with exactly 1K size of data. This is not quaranteed by the Tcp/ip protocol, since it is a stream protocol. If you send 1K data using tcp/ip it is not quaranteed that the receiver will get it all with one recv() and not in 3 or more portions of various sizes.

Thus after a lot of troubles Firebolt 0.3v will beΒ even more robust and reliable.

Visual studio setup projects

Here is a usefull link for all those who make deployment (setup) projects using visual studio.Β

It is a list of properties that can be used for Launch conditions.

Based on the above info i will give you an example.Β If you want to create an installer that only the administrator will execute, you can create a launch condition and in it’s property ‘Condition’ place ”AdminUser” (without the quotes). If you read the above link you will know that AdminUser is true if the current user executing the installer is an administrator. If this condition fails then a dialog box appears containing the error message that you provided in the property Message.